1. Staff with expert knowledge of the area.
  2. Interpreting and translation services.
  3. Initial contact with the client via e-mail and/or telephone to discuss their specific needs.
  4. Presentation of a vast real estate portfolio.
  5. Personalised site visits, always accompanied by a professionally licensed real estate agent.
  6. Legal, technical and fiscal consultations for the purchase.
  7. Negotiation services.
  8. Technical and structural consultations along with estimates, if necessary.
  9. Cadastral and Mortgage Surveys.
  10. Draft the preliminary deed of sale.
  11. Register the preliminary deed of sale as required by law.
  12. Assistance in finding the most advantageous mortgage rates.
  13. Complete assistance up to the deed of sale.
  14. Update the various utility contracts.
  15. Home insurance consultations.
  16. Deliver the official copy of the deed of sale.
  17. Restoration assistance, if needed.
  18. Interior design and furnishing consultations.